Smart Facilities Management

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enLight provides a cost effective smart facilities management solution for an integrated and fully networked environment, through the power of existing lighting infrastructure.

Most buildings and campuses have external lights surrounding them or running through them and by deploying the enLight lighting platform, a low power network is created that can be used for all sorts of sensors and actuators. However, you are not just limited to external devices as the network has the ability to penetrate deep inside buildings and connect to a whole host of indoor and/or industrial sensors. In this way, the data can be pulled out of the building and there is no need to negotiate with the tenant to use their IT network.

4 Steps to a Smart Facilities Management Platform

Step 1 of a smart facilities management system is upgrading the lighting

Step 1 - Lighting

Retrofit or upgrade the outdoor or internal lighting to save operational costs


Step 2 of a smart facilities management system is the network

Step 2 - Network

The lighting investment funds the overlay network that spans both the outside and the interior of the buildings


Step 3 of a smart facilities management system is deploying devices

Step 3 - Devices

With the wireless network in place, you are free to deploy sensors and actuators wherever they are needed

Part 4 of a smart facilities management system is BMS integration

Step 4 - BMS Integration

All data is aggregated from across the enLight network and presented as a secure data feed into your preferred BMS


Elements of a smart facilities system in a building you may want to monitor and/or control could include:

Air Quality as part of a smart facilities management system

Air Quality

The productivity of tenants is directly proportional to the environment in which they are working and the quality of the air is an important factor in the wellbeing of staff and visitors.


Traffic flow as part of a smart facilities management system

Traffic Flow

Vehicle movements and footfall counts are important metrics to ensure campus roads and car parking are adequate and that pathways and connections between buildings meet the tenants’ needs.


Energy Usage as part of a smart facilities management system

Energy Usage

A smart meter per building is pretty common but measuring consumption at a floor, room or asset level is often too expensive or complex but doing so can significantly aid energy reduction programs. It is a lot easier with an enLight platform.

Microclimate as part of a smart facilities management system


Whether it is monitoring the ambient environment immediately around a building or the temperature and humidity inside a building, these innocuous measurements can be significant inputs to an optimised HVAC or ventilation system


Space Utilisation as part of a smart facilities management system

Space Utilisation

Tracking meeting room and hot desk use along with shared space utilisation are key metrics in tracking optimum space usage, as well as maximising revenue for building owners if the building is multi-tenanted.


Enhanced Security as part of a smart facilities management system

Enhanced Security

Low-cost thermal imaging and motion triggered lighting, in combination with directed CCTV, can greatly increase protection at both the property boundary as well as at entry and exit points.


Motor Health as part of a smart facilities management system

Motor Health

Most induction motor energy sensors cannot tell if the rotor is spinning resulting in catastrophic failure. enLight’s motor sensor monitors energy consumption, temperature, vibration and rotational health to trigger preventative maintenance.

Humidity as part of a smart facilities management system


Aside from the general ambience for tenants, there are many other areas that are subject to preferred humidity control and leak detection such as plant rooms, server rooms, storage areas, toilets and distribution cabinets. Early detection is much cheaper than failure.


ROI Justification – Building the Business Case

A standalone business case for any one of these would normally have trouble getting financial approval as on their own, they often do not justify the investment in the network needed to enable them. By upgrading the lights outside, the energy and maintenance cost reductions provide a return-on-investment of fewer than 4 years so that each of the use cases above can be “layered” on with no significant capital investment – save the cost of the sensors/controllers themselves.

Have you considered implementing Smart infrastructure? Do you find the technological advantages offered by such systems attractive but the costs prohibitive? Is monitoring every aspect of your business sites becoming an increasing concern?

Find out how enLight’s intelligent systems enables your organisation to deploy these effective monitoring solutions to whilst reducing your overall energy costs.

Our technology is already being trialled by a major UK urban council and has been implemented by a number of market leading private enterprises across multiple sites.

One of the driving forces behind this adoption is enLight’s experience in this sector, which has allowed the continual refinement of our implementation model to work with any location on a world-wide basis.

Discover now how you could access the power of enLight’s systems.

Find out the following…

In our Smart Facilities Management brochure, you will discover the following unique benefits of our system:


  • How enLight’s technology works – utilising existing frameworks to support our monitoring and broadcast systems
  • Both internal and external adoption – implement a comprehensive SMART technology solution in all areas of your sites
  • Why our system makes financial sense – reductions in costs that could lead to a return on investment in just three years
  • Our plans for future proofing – including scalable communication systems that deliver the bandwidth to power high demand functions
  • A practical approach to deployment – enLight’s stage by stage approach to implementation that makes sense both logistically and financially

Smart Facilities Management
Understand how enLight can help you to maximise the potential from your existing assets?

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Unlike many of our competitors, enLight has the power to deliver complete end to end smart facilities solutions, which consist both of the devices necessary for effective monitoring and the networks to power them.